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Brian Douglas Wilson born June 20, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer who co-founded the Beach Boys. After signing with Capitol Records inWilson wrote or co-wrote more than two dozen Top 40 hits for the group.

He is often referred to as a "genius" [2] and is widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative and significant songwriters of the late 20th century. Brian, who grew up influenced by s rock and roll and jazz -based vocal groups, originally functioned as the band's songwriter, producer, co-lead vocalist, bassist, keyboardist, and de facto leader.

In "Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction," he suffered a nervous breakdown and stopped touring with the group, which led to more personal work such as Pet Sounds and the unfinished Smile. As his mental health deteriorated, his contributions to the band diminished, and over the next decade, he was reputed for his reclusive lifestyle and substance abuse. Wilson was the first pop artist credited for writing, arranging, producing, Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction performing his own material.

Wilson's success also led to a proliferation of like-minded California producers who helped supplant New York as the center of popular records.

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In later years, Wilson became influential to the spirit of punk rock [13] and was regarded as "godfather" to an era of indie musicians who were inspired by his melodic sensibilities, chamber pop orchestrations, and recording explorations. Murry Wilson said, "He was very clever and quick. I just fell in love with him. The exact cause of this hearing loss is unclear, though theories range Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction him simply being born partially deaf to a blow to the head from his father, or a neighborhood bully, being to blame.

While Wilson's father was ostensibly a reasonable provider, he is believed to have been frequently abusive. At an early age, Wilson was given six weeks of lessons on a "toy accordion" and, at seven and eight, sang solos in church with a choir behind him. He also played piano obsessively after school, deconstructing the harmonies of the Four Freshmen by listening to short segments of their songs on a phonographthen working to recreate the blended sounds note by note on the keyboard.

One of Wilson's earliest public performances was at a fall arts program at his high school. He enlisted his cousin and frequent singing partner Mike Loveand to entice Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction into the group, named the newly formed membership "Carl and the Passions.

The event was notable for the impression which it made on another musician and classmate of Wilson's in the audience that night, Al Jardine.

He continued his music studies at the community college as well. The song was eventually known as " Surfer Girl ". Although an early demo of the song was recorded in February at World-Pacific Studios, it was not re-recorded and released untilwhen it became a top-ten hit.

Wilson, his brothers Carl and Dennis, Mike Love and Al Jardine first appeared as a music group in the summer ofinitially under the name the Pendletones. After being prodded by Dennis to write a song about the local water-sports craze, Wilson and Mike Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction together created what became the first single for the band, " Surfin' ".

Over Labor Day weekendWilson took advantage of the fact that his parents were in Mexico City for several days, and the boys used the emergency money his parents had left to rent an amplifier, a microphone, and a stand-up bass for Jardine to play. After the boys "Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction" for two days in the Wilsons' music room, his parents returned home from their trip. Eventually impressed, Murry Wilson proclaimed himself the group's manager and the band embarked on serious rehearsals for a proper studio session.

Recorded by Hite and Dorinda Morgan and released on the small Candix Records label, "Surfin'" became a top local hit in Los Angeles and reached number seventy-five on the national Billboard sales charts. Without the band's knowledge or permission, Candix Records had changed their name to the Beach Boys. Three days previously, Wilson's father had bought him an electric bass and amplifier.

Wilson had learned to play the instrument in that short period of time, with Al Jardine moving to rhythm guitar. On stage, Wilson provided many of the lead vocals, and often harmonized with the group in falsetto. Looking for a follow-up single for their radio hit, Wilson and Mike Love wrote " Surfin' Safari Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction, and attempts were made to record a usable take at World Pacific, including overdubs, on February 8,along with several other tunes including an early version of "Surfer Girl".

Only a few days later, discouraged about the band's financial prospects, and objecting to adding some Chubby Checker songs to the Beach Boys live setlist, Al Jardine abruptly left the group, but rejoined shortly thereafter. As "Surfin'" faded from the charts, Wilson, who had forged a songwriting partnership with Gary Ushercreated several new songs, including a car song, " ", that Usher helped them write. These songs convinced Capitol Records to release the demos as a single; they became a double-sided national hit.

Recording sessions for the band's first album took place in Capitol's basement studios in the famous tower building in Augustbut early Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction Wilson lobbied for a different place to cut Beach Boy tracks.

The large rooms were built to record the big orchestras and ensembles of the s, not small rock groups. At Wilson's insistence, Capitol agreed to let the Beach Boys pay for their own outside recording sessions, to which Capitol would own all the rights, and in return the band would receive a higher royalty rate on their record sales.

Additionally, during the taping of their first LP Wilson fought for, and won, the right to be in charge of the production — though this fact was not acknowledged with an album liner notes production credit. It was during the sessions for this single that Wilson made the production Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction from that point on to use double tracking on the Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction vocals, resulting in a deeper and more resonant sound.

Los Angeles, taut with sexual...

The Beach Boys had become a top-rank recording and touring band. Wilson was for the first time officially credited as the Beach Boys' producer on the Surfer Girl album, recorded in June and July and released that September. This LP reached number seven on the national charts, containing singles that were top 15 hits. Feeling that surfing songs had become limiting, Wilson decided to produce a set of largely car-oriented tunes for the Beach Boys' fourth album, Little Deuce Coupewhich was released in Octoberonly three weeks after the Surfer Girl LP.

The departure of guitarist David Marks from the band that month meant that Wilson was forced to resume touring with the Beach Boys, for a time reducing his availability in the recording studio.

For much of the decade, Wilson attempted to establish himself as a record producer by working with various artists.

The resulting success pleased Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction, but angered both Murry and Capitol Records. Murry went so far as to order his oldest son to sever any future collaborations with Jan and Dean.

The most notable group to which Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction would attach himself in this era would be the Honeyswhich Wilson intended as the female counterpart to the Beach Boys, and as an attempt to compete with Phil Spector -led girl groups such as the Crystals and the Ronettes. The Beach Boys' rigorous performing schedule increasingly burdened Wilson, and following a panic attack on board a flight from L.

I was run down mentally and emotionally because I was running around, jumping on jets from Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction city to another on one-night stands, also producing, writing, arranging, singing, planning, teaching—to the point where I had no peace of mind and no chance to actually sit down and think or even rest.

It was during that December that Wilson was Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction to cannabis hesitantly by his friend Lorren Daro formerly Loren Schwartzan assistant at the William Morris Agency. Sometime in April, Wilson experienced his first acid tripwhich had a profound effect on his musical and spiritual conceptions.

It was a beautiful thing. In lateWilson began working on material for a new project, Pet Sounds. He formed a temporary songwriting partnership with lyricist Tony Asher "Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction," who was suggested to Wilson by mutual friend Daro.

Upon hearing what Wilson had created for the first time in[45] the group, particularly Mike Lovewas somewhat critical of their leader's music, [48] and expressed their dissatisfaction. Although the record was issued under the group's name, Pet Sounds is arguably seen as a Brian Wilson solo album. Wilson even toyed with the idea by releasing " Caroline, No " as a solo single in MarchLead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction reaching number 32 on the Billboard charts.

During the Pet Sounds sessions, Wilson had been working on another song, which was held back from inclusion on the record as he felt that it was not sufficiently complete. The song " Good Vibrations " set a new standard for musicians and for what could be achieved in the recording studio. It sold over a million copies. He gradually became aware of Wilson's reputation as a "genius" among musician friends, a belief that wasn't widely held at the time.

By the time of the universal success of "Good Vibrations", Wilson was underway with his next project, Smilewhich Wilson described as a "teenage symphony to God.

1. Bert and Ernie

Having been introduced to Van Dyke Parks at a garden party at Terry Melcher 's home, Wilson liked Parks' "visionary eloquence" and began working with him in the fall of Conflict within the group and Wilson's own growing personal problems threw the project into terminal disarray. Originally scheduled for release in JanuaryLead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction release date was continually pushed back until press officer Derek Taylor announced its cancellation in May ByWilson's life was on the verge of a serious decline.

Following the cancellation of Smilethe Beach Boys relocated to a studio situated in the living room of Wilson's new mansion in Bel Air once the home of Edgar Rice Burroughs [ citation needed ]where the band would primarily record until This has been perceived by some commentators as "the moment when the Beach Boys first started slipping from the vanguard to nostalgia.

Wilson's interest in the Beach Boys began to wane. He wanted a break. He had been doing it all too long. Still psychologically overwhelmed by the cancellation of Smile and the imminent birth of his first child Carnie Wilson in amid the looming financial insolvency of the Beach Boys, Wilson's creative directorship within the band became increasingly tenuous; additionally, cocaine had begun to supplement Wilson's regular use Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction amphetamines, marijuana, and psychedelics.

Biographer Peter Ames Carlin has speculated that Wilson had self-admitted and may have been administered a number of treatments ranging from talking therapies to doses of Lithium and electroconvulsive therapy during this stay. During this phase, Wilson also collaborated with his father credited under Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction pseudonym of Reggie Dunbar on " Break Away ", the band's final single for Capitol Records under their original contract; although relatively unsuccessful in the US peaking at number 63 in Billboardthe song reached number 6 on the British singles chart.


At a press conference ostensibly convened to promote "Break Away" to the European media shortly thereafter, Wilson intimated that "We owe everyone money.

And if we don't pick ourselves off our backsides and have a hit record soon, we will be in worse trouble I've always said, 'Be honest with your fans. He also resumed writing and recording with the Beach Boys at a brisk pace; seven of the twelve new songs on the album Sunflower were either written or co-written by Wilson.

Nevertheless, the album retrospectively appraised as "perhaps the strongest album they released post- Pet Sounds " by Pitchfork [72] was a commercial failure in the US, peaking at number during a four-week Billboard chart stay in October Following the termination of the Capitol contract inthe band's new contract with Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction courant Reprise Records brokered by Van Dyke Parks, employed as a multimedia executive at the company at the time stipulated Wilson's proactive involvement with the band in all albums, [73] a factor that would become hugely problematic for the band in the years to come.

Sometime inWilson opened a short-lived health food store called The Radiant Radish. The trio then spent Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction month reworking cuts from the Beach Boys' Friends album. Once you've been labeled as a genius, you have to continue it or your name becomes mud. I am a victim of the recording industry.

I didn't think I was a genius. I thought I had talent. But I didn't think I was a genius. Throughout the late s and early s, Wilson amassed myriad home demo recordings which later became informally known as the " Bedroom Tapes ". Some of the material has been described as "schizophrenia on tape," and "intensely personal songs Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction gentle humanism and strange experimentation, which reflected on his then-fragile emotional state.

You get hints of it earlier in things like the tags to 'California Girls,' ' Wouldn't It Be Nice ' and all throughout Smilebut it takes on an almost manic edge in the '70s. I always wanted to know what he was thinking, you know? Who knows what he was thinking in his head? We got used to what the whole environment was.

It was very musical; there was always a piano going. Either "Rhapsody in Blue" was playing, or While working at the Radiant Radish, Wilson met journalist and radio presenter Jack Rieleywho would manage the Beach Boys and act as Wilson's principal lyricist for the next few years. However, only one fully formed original song from Wilson emerged during the album's nominal Lead singer of onerepublic wife sexual dysfunction sessions, the dirge-like " A Day in the Life of a Tree ".

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