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Breasts change a lot over a woman's life. At some stage in their lives, many women have a change in their breast that is different to their usual hormonal changes. To be confident that your breast change is not cancer or another disease, your doctor will consider:.

Breasts are made up of milk systems, fat, lymph nodes, veins and nerves. They do not have muscles, but there is some fibrous tissue.

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Some lumpiness, tissue that feels like a rope or a thick cord, or dense masses of tissue are usually natural and normal.

Breasts are very responsive to hormones in the menstrual cycle or in HRT. Hormones called oestrogens increase before a period, causing milk ducts and glands to swell.

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This can trap fluid in the breasts and cause swelling and lumpiness. Young women usually have dense breasts because their milk systems might be needed for feeding babies.

Sometimes this thickness is felt as a lump or a mass of tissue. As women age, their milk systems shrink and are Making love breast by fat.

This can make normal lumps more noticeable. Sometimes women find their breasts feel different when they lose or gain weight and sometimes breasts change for no obvious reason.